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Homeowners can apply to Repair Affair on a year-round basis. While 25% of all Repair Affair work is complete on Event Days, most volunteer teams work on a day of their choosing, from early Spring to late Fall.

After receiving an application, an onsite assessment of each applicant home is conducted to match the home with the right volunteer team. Volunteer Team projects are then selected that best fit the team’s skill level, and volunteers do the necessary repairs on a home.

Repair Affair focuses on improving home safety, security and weather efficiency. Repair Affair is not a decorating, remodeling or emergency repair program. Typical repairs include the following:

Repairs include(1)

Repairs include(1)

Repair Affair Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipient must own and reside in the home2019 Income Limit Chart.  For a 1 person household, the limit is $26,750 annually.  For a 2 person household, the limit is $30,600.  For a 3 person household, the limit is $34,400.  For a 4 person household, the limit is $38,200.  For a 5 person household, the limit is $41,300.  For a 6 person household, the limit is $44,300.  For a 7 person household, the limit is $47,400. For an 8 person household, the limit is $50,450.
  • Recipient must be a resident of Louisville, or Floyd, or Clark Counties in Indiana
  • Must be at least 60 years old or certified as disabled
  • Recipient must qualify as low income (see chart)



Download the Repair Affair application and apply to receive cost-free repairs on your home.

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Want to know more? Watch Ruthie's story, and see the immediate impact of Repair Affair to a homeowner.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for someone to come fix my home?

New Directions Repair Affair is volunteer driven. In many cases, we receive more applications for assistance than applications for available teams to do work. As a result. we cannot guarantee when, or if, we will be able to complete the work requested.

Is there a deadline for returning my application?

No. You may apply at any time, and your application will be considered for completion based on the availability on a volunteer team.

Can you paint the inside of my house and replace carpets?

No. New Directions Repair Affair does not provide cosmetic repairs. Repair Affair focuses on home safety, weatherization, and home security.

Can Repair Affair help me with citations I received from the city?

We do our best to assist homeowners to address items included in citations, but we cannot guarantee that Repair Affair teams will be able to address every issue.