About Us

History of the Program


New Directions Repair Affair mobilizes volunteers to support the repair needs of low-income elderly and disabled homeowners.


New Directions Housing Corporation began in 1969 when members of Saint William Church came together to address the needs of their neighborhood in crisis. Among those needs were the home repairs of neighbors living close-by. This small gesture became the foundation of New Directions Repair Affair, when in 1992 the organization partnered with Habitat for Humanity, Metro United Way, and the local government to assist homeowners across the city.

In 1993, New Directions Repair Affair solicited enough the supplies and volunteers to repair 26 homes. Dedicated volunteers and program coordinators continued this work, and the program began to take on a life of its own. What began as a small group of concerned neighbors, grew into a program serving residents in three three counties, reaching more than 3,000 homes.

New Directions Repair Affair is dedicated to creating safe and energy efficient homes for low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners. The focus of Repair Affair is on home safety, security, weatherization and neighborhood stability. By installing hand rails, fixing broken steps, or making modifications to accommodate a wheel chair, we make it possible for a senior or disabled homeowner to live independently in the home they've spent a lifetime working to afford.

How We Work

How we work

Each summer, over 1,200 dedicated volunteers armed with tools, materials and resources donated by generous donors make repairs to over 180 homes. To date over 30,000 volunteers, working more than 300,000 volunteer hours have repaired over 3,000 homes in Kentuckiana.

Although 25% of New Directions Repair Affair projects are completed on our annual Event Days in June, most teams choose a day, from early Spring to late Fall, that works best for them.

"I think about Repair Affair and the compounding effect it has. A couple hundred homes a year turns into thousands."


         -Todd Harrett, Volunteer and Board Treasurer of New Directions Housing Corporation



Community members come together to fulfill the mission of Repair Affair. Neighbors helping neighbors to live safely, live affordably, and live comfortably by making 200 of repairs each year. To help a neighbor visit our Volunteer page, or learn how you can obtain assistance and Request Repairs.