Hundreds of Volunteers Serve at Our 2018 Event Days

Lori Flanery addresses volunteers on Event Day at New Directions headquarters.

This year New Directions Repair Affair celebrates 25 years of providing free home-repair assistance to low-income elderly and disabled homeowners. On June 2nd and 9th, 383 volunteers across Louisville and Southern Indiana joined the New Directions Repair Affair ranks in community service. 

383 volunteers were armed with tools, materials, and resources provided by generous donors to repair 31 homes in Louisville, Ky., and New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville, In.

 “A fresh coat of paint, cutting back overgrown yard vegetation, and other simple repairs also improve the overall appearance of a community, which benefits all neighbors,” remarked New Directions CEO Lori Flanery. 

But painting and external work was not all that happened on Event Days. Many teams completed high-skilled labor to homeowners at no cost.

The Jeffersonville Neighborhood Leadership Alliance began doing yard work for a neighbor, and soon learned that the homeowner’s bathroom floor board was caving in toward the basement. When the volunteer team began work on the floor board, they also noticed that her toilet valve pipes had not been maintained over the years. The team was able to completely re-do the toilet’s plumbing, pay new wood flooring, replace a kitchen sink faucet, and complete all the external repairs.

The Jeffersonville Leadership Alliance working on the bathroom floor and toilet plumbing for their nearby neighbor.
Jeffersonville Neighborhood Leadership Alliance working on the bathroom floor and toilet plumbing for their nearby neighbor in Jeffersonville, IN. on June 2nd.


“By installing hand rails, fixing broken steps, or making modifications to accommodate a wheel chair, homeowners can live independently in the home they’ve spent a lifetime trying to protect and afford,” said Flanery.

We send a special thank-you to all the volunteers and supporters on our 2018 Event Days! If you didn’t make it, it is not too late to help a neighbor and impact your community. Head over to our Volunteer page to learn more about volunteering this year!

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